Flex Your Flower Power

Who doesn’t love flowers?! Especially now in spring! The first sign that Mother Nature is dancing in the streets… …errr…gardens, parks, flower beds, and tiny little crevices that will grow a seed. There are so many kinds of spring flowers: tulips, iris, daffodil, hyacinth, pansies, snapdragon, and alyssum, to name a few. And the great part … [Read more…]

Wine Licorice Tango

I was recently in licorice and wine pairing contest set up by Sip Better, a wine consulting company out of Minneapolis. (Leslee Miller and I actually went to high school together, and she really does have the ‘dream’ job!) This sounded like a blast to me! How fun, yet, challenging to pair wine with licorice. … [Read more…]

An Italian Brawl

Have you ever dabbled in a Barolo?  Or had the pleasure of indulging in the Nebbiolo grape? If not, go introduce yourself. This garnet red with ruby hued liquid gold is an experience to be had by all. The ones I tried are the 2010 and 2006 Marchesi Barolo DOCG, which I describe below.  Approach this wine with … [Read more…]