Flex Your Flower Power

Who doesn’t love flowers?! Especially now in spring! The first sign that Mother Nature is dancing in the streets… …errr…gardens, parks, flower beds, and tiny little crevices that will grow a seed. There are so many kinds of spring flowers: tulips, iris, daffodil, hyacinth, pansies, snapdragon, and alyssum, to name a few. And the great part … [Read more…]

Starting anew…a new what?!

With the New Year bombardment of ‘creating a new you’, do you ever get just sick of hearing that you need to create some bionic-bombshell-brainiac-super power…with a size DD and 22 inch waist? What’s wrong with the current you?  There’s so much pressure to be and look like what is on TV and in magazines.  It’s … [Read more…]


Life is full of choices! Every day, all day. And we had a boatload of decisions…planning a wedding, moving to another state, selling a house we just bought, buying a house in another state, giving up friends, quitting a dream (!!) job and find another job 400 miles away. Dealing with one decision like these is … [Read more…]