Flex Your Flower Power

Who doesn’t love flowers?! Especially now in spring! The first sign that Mother Nature is dancing in the streets… …errr…gardens, parks, flower beds, and tiny little crevices that will grow a seed. There are so many kinds of spring flowers: tulips, iris, daffodil, hyacinth, pansies, snapdragon, and alyssum, to name a few. And the great part … [Read more…]

Go Hug a Tree

Trees around the US are abundant, and we love them! We love them for their beauty, their shade, and their ability hold that wooden swing with the long rope handles that we adore in the summer. Trees are necessary for life, and not just ours. Animals rely on trees for food, shelter from predators, and as … [Read more…]

Cheers to Your Plants

Have you experienced hints of raspberry, swirls of lily, or essence of grass? Yes, in your yard, but perhaps in your favorite bottle of wine. And for anyone that drinks wine probably has oodles of wine corks! What do you do with all of them? And what do corks have to do with gardening? Well, … [Read more…]

Easy Tricks for Pretty Treats

One of my pearls is gardening and playing with flowers, and I have the privilege of writing for my Master Gardeners’ blog. I love getting creative with flower arrangements for the holidays, different seasons, to celebrate the everyday…and then mixing in fruits and berries, twisting in ribbons, and using interesting containers. So this article is … [Read more…]