Starting anew…a new what?!

With the New Year bombardment of ‘creating a new you’, do you ever get just sick of hearing that you need to create some bionic-bombshell-brainiac-super power…with a size DD and 22 inch waist? What’s wrong with the current you?  There’s so much pressure to be and look like what is on TV and in magazines.  It’s not even real with all the airbrushing, color enhancing, standing at a certain angle so the light hits  juuuust right to get the smallest waist and the highest, chiseled cheekbones. Bleckh, I would rather just smile because I am pursuing my pearls that I love, laugh because my friend just told the most hilarious, only-we-get-it joke or just breathe because I’m feeling pretty fantastic in my own skin.

I had someone “close” to me, and I use that term loosely at this point, make comments about my heavy weight and my large size, and compare me to her tiny, petite frame (low self-esteem anyone?!) I’m a size 8 or a size 6, sometimes I’m a ‘medium’, sometimes ‘small’, sometimes ‘large’ – and it all depends on the brand/label, right ladies??  And there is one brand where I am a size 1, and that is because this one particular brand has decided to rename all their sizes to fit our ego. I’m not fat, but I have fat days. I’m not stick skinny but have my thin areas. Swimsuits are a struggle from any angle, and will probably always be. I feel that is because it has been ingrained in me on how I am supposed to look, and I’m not super keen on my toosh and feel my legs are way too short…and, well, not model-skinny.

Taking in the view at Keystone.

Working out is an everyday occurrence for me, and it has to be. I don’t kill myself with picking up giant tractor tires and flipping them across the room or doing one-handed push-ups while on one toe. Oh my gosh, those images just make me giggle! No, I enjoy Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, jogging (sometimes), super-walking uphill outside while listening to a fantastic book, hiking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, down-hill skiing (and I’m a green gal, black diamonds make great earrings),  snow shoeing, and I’m going to include gardening here, too (I have worked up a sweat while digging up soil for my breath-taking peonies and tantalizing tomatoes, but have also meditated and been ‘in-the-moment’ while diligently weeding). I need to have fun while I ‘workout’ or I just won’t do it again.

“Life only gets better when you do.
Work on yourself and the rest will follow.”

Also, I am very conscientious about what I eat, not only because of all the health issues that I have gone (and am going) through, but because I know what certain foods will do to me. Sugar is a witch – not only do I get hives when I eat it, but my tail-end expands! I know my body well enough by now that I know what will expand my bottom line and make me sluggish, and what will help me feel alive and look my best. My definition of my best, no one else’s.  And it takes a bit of diligence to change habits, what tastes “good”, and how one’s body reacts.

I really am all about having fun, and perfect I am not! But who is? And if you know someone who is, let him/her

Enjoying the sun, surf and…mountains.

promote his/her perfectness elsewhere – because it is sooooo false. If you think that person is “perfect”, look at your definition of “perfect” and get to know that person better. There are usually so many things that you do not know about him/her, and YOU are painting up a ‘fake billboard’, which may not be who that person is at all. Ultimately something false that you are holding yourself up against. Wonder Woman is fabulous and all, but not real (even though we all know one or more ‘wonder women’, but I digress…).

My point in all this is to sit still, with your favorite glass of bubbly and just listen to your own inner voice. What is she saying? Sometimes you have to reeaally reeeaaally listen; she is speaking to but maybe not screaming…yet. I would confidently bet she is telling you that you are pretty darn swell the way you are. Sure, she will have some insight on how you can be even stronger, healthier, better-read, laugh harder, smile bigger, breathe deeper…. It might be scary that first time to let her out and let her speak, sometimes that truth is challenging to hear.

My cocktail before the Guns-n-Roses concert…no cold November rain here!

So this New Year is the time to stop looking at everyone, anyone, and comparing yourself with the purpose of living up to what and who you think that person is. Our imagination (and the amazing talent and creativity of society’s marketing) is great at creating the “perfect” body/hair/life…. But, what do you really want, deep-down? And what is the best way for YOU to be the real YOU? Let go of the clutter and hustle and pressures, and just listen. Write down what you hear, scribble what you see in your mind, feel what is in your heart. Go do the things you love, listen to what makes you laugh, see what makes your eyes pop, play so hard it takes your breath away.  Discover and enjoy the adventure it is to be the best YOU. I have a feeling she is amazing….and a lot of fun! That’s exactly what I am doing ~ and having a ball!